Top Home Exterior Trends For 2022

As we near the end of 2021 and look forward to 2022, we’re taking a moment to look at the trends we expect to see in home exterior design in the new year. The overarching trend in home design for 2022 will be focused on creative expression and individuality, rooted in timeless style…and home exteriors are no exception.

Consider the following home exterior trends as you plan your home upgrades for 2022. Whether you’re building a new house or looking to refresh an outdated exterior, these trends just might spark some inspiration for your project. 

Color Trends — Neutrals, Dark Tones, and Greens

One of the most popular trends in recent years that is expected to continue into 2022  is a monochromatic white exterior. Bright white creates a clean, fresh look that stands out strikingly against the backdrop of gardens, shrubs, and greenery.

Warm neutral tones are here to stay as well. Neutral shades like grays, tans, or warm off-whites provide a warm, welcoming feel and work well with a wide variety of trim and accent colors.

For an exterior that gives off a peaceful ambience, consider a green or blue with underlying gray tones. This color choice will blend into the surrounding terrain, becoming part of the natural beauty around your home.

For something bolder, consider dark tones for your home’s exterior. Dark colors create a moody, yet inviting look that is enhanced by the surrounding landscape. Pair rich colors like charcoal gray or navy blue with lighter colored trim or textures such as wood or stone. A black exterior can be striking as well. Keep in mind that dark shades can be more prone to fading in sunlight, so be sure to choose a product that retains its vibrancy as it ages.

Accents That Stand Out

If a bold color on your entire exterior isn’t your style, opt instead for accents that stand out. Here are a few trending ideas:

  • Contrasting color combinations. Consider a light-colored siding set off by dark trim, window frames, doors, gutters, or roof. A white home with black doors and shutters is a popular choice.
  • Bright-colored accents. Similarly, consider a bolder color choice for your home’s accents, such as red, gold, or green. When paired with a black and white palette, the right green can add a chic appeal; when paired with beiges and warm whites, it creates a natural color scheme. Black, gray, or white trim against navy or red shutters is another striking choice.
  • Gutters and roofs. When replacing your roof or gutters, choose a similar hue for both, preferably in a darker color to contrast against a light home color (or vice versa).
  • Front Door. Your front door is where a visitor’s eyes are first drawn. To make your door pop, opt for a bright or pastel shade that stands out from the rest of the exterior. Or, for a brick home, match the front door to the trim color to create uniformity and balance.

Minimalist Style

If stand-out accents don’t fit your personality or your home’s overall look, consider the clean look of minimalist design. Simple, geometric lines and a monochrome color palette create a sleek, sophisticated look for your home’s exterior. For this look, opt for predominantly light colors such as white or gray (light gray window frames against an all-white exterior, for example).

The clean lines of minimalist design are enhanced by light — and the more light the better. For instance, large panoramic windows provide maximum natural light inside your home while complementing a minimalist look on the outside.


Sustainable exterior options have been growing significantly in popularity in recent years. For example, more and more homeowners are opting to add solar panels to their home to take advantage of a more sustainable electricity option. But if you’re not ready for solar panels, there are other options for making your home’s exterior more sustainable.

For instance, metal roofs are a popular sustainable roofing choice. They are durable, long-lasting, energy efficient, and available in virtually any color. You can choose to replace your entire roof or opt for metal roofing just on your porch or awning. 

For a sustainable siding option, consider LPⓇ (Louisiana Pacific) SmartsideⓇ. This siding is made of wood strands and fibers combined with other compounds to give you the warmth and beauty of traditional wood siding plus the durability and workability of engineered wood. This material is extremely resistant to all forms of weather, rot, fungus, and insects, providing you with maximum protection against the elements.

Learn more about the benefits of sustainable windows, doors, and roofs in our recent blog post on the subject.

Keep Your Home on Trend With Help From Hoyt Exteriors

If these home exterior trends have inspired you to make a change to your siding, windows, roof, or gutters in 2022, contact Hoyt Exteriors to plan your upgrade. Our team of experienced professionals will help bring your ideas to life.

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