Let Hoyt Exteriors Insulate Your Home Against Extreme Temperatures

Housing styles may change; the laws of physics do not.

When it comes to thermodynamics, heat always finds a way into colder areas. No matter the season, hot air will always try to penetrate or escape from your home. If your attic is left without proper insulation, your energy bills will quite literally go through the roof.


It’s a simple transfer of energy, and your attic is the prime spot for it to take place. It is also one of the most neglected areas when it comes to insulation.

Think of an insulated mug. In the summer, you fill it with cold water. In the winter, you pour a hot cup of coffee. Regardless of your choice of beverage, and whether or not your want it to stay hot or cold, it won’t remain at your desired temperature for very long without a proper lid.

When it comes to your home, you attic is that lid.

Proper Insulation That Works All Year Long

In the wintertime, the effort and money you put into heating your home is going to waste without a properly insulated attic. You are also putting added pressure on your heating system during the coldest months of the year.

Attic insulation also plays a key role during the summer. Under insulated attics can get unbearably hot during the summer months, even reaching as high as 150 degrees. This heat warms the entire structure of your building, increasing your energy bill as well as the strain you put on your air conditioner.

By giving your attic the proper insulation that it needs, you can see a decrease in your energy bills and take a lot pressure off your HVAC systems all year round.


Your house carries a substantial amount of potential energy, don’t let that energy go to waste because of an under-insulated attic

With a proper inspection and correction of problem areas, there will be immediate paybacks. At Hoyt Exteriors, we specialize in fiberglass blown in attic insulation. We work hard to make sure that every square inch of your attic is properly insulated.

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