A Helpful Siding Guide for Your Home or Commercial Property

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Choosing siding can be fun…and overwhelming. With today’s vast selection of materials, you have more options than ever! The best decision for you depends on your budget, the size of your project, how much maintenance you’re willing to tackle and your personal style. We created this guide to help simplify things a bit. Read on to learn more!

There are many different types of siding on the market. In our experience, the most common and best siding choices for our climate are vinyl, stone veneer, wood, engineered wood and steel. 

Vinyl siding

If you’re looking for an affordable, maintenance-free option, vinyl siding is a slam dunk. It’s relatively easy to install, comes in many colors and can mimic the appearance of wood, brick and stone. Vinyl siding withstands even the harshest elements and is available with an insulated backing for those looking for an extra layer of protection for their home or building’s exterior.

Stone veneer siding

Many homeowners want the look of natural stone without the hefty price tag. Stone veneer costs more than vinyl and other comparable materials but it’s an increasingly popular choice for nature-loving homeowners. Stone veneer siding can be made from real stone but is more often created from Portland cement with added pigments. It’s poured into a variety of prepared molds to resemble an array of natural stones. 

Hot tip: Stone accents are an excellent choice for commercial building owners who are looking to customize the exterior of their building or to dress up the front of a home!

Wood siding

Wood is the perfect choice for homeowners and commercial building owners who are looking for a rich, natural product. And wood siding can take many forms. From clapboard to board-and-batten, from shakes to scallops and even log siding, there’s a style for everyone’s taste. The look of wood is timeless and with proper maintenance, it can outlast all manufactured siding products. Unfortunately, wood requires a regular cadence of staining or painting and many people find the price point cost-prohibitive.  

Engineered-wood siding 

If you like the wood look but cringe at the idea of maintenance, engineered wood might be the best choice for your home or building. These products are available at a lower cost than wood and they’re more durable than pine. The most common styles of engineered wood siding are clapboards, plywood board, batten and shakes. These styles have a rustic wood look and their lapped edges easily hide any seams. At Hoyt Exteriors, we stand behind LP SmartSide® engineered wood products.

Steel siding

Many people don’t realize that steel siding is one of the most eco-friendly siding options available. Not only can it be made from recycled steel but there aren’t any harmful chemicals involved in the fabrication of steel siding. 

Steel siding is also highly customizable with a huge variety of colors and designs to choose from.

What’s more, it’s easy to insulate for use in colder climates, it’s resistant to insects and it stands up to harsh weather. 

If you’re building a home or commercial building or hoping to re-side your structure this year, start by identifying your priorities: budget-friendly, low-maintenance, traditional, customizable, durable, etc. This will help you narrow down your options and hone in on a siding product that you will enjoy for years to come.

A couple tips from our team: 

When you’re residing…

  • If you’re looking to cut down on cost, use a different type of siding on the back and sides of your home. 
  • Add accent trim around the windows. This will help with window replacement down the road!

If you want to learn more about our residential and commercial siding services, give us a call at 612.212.4965. We also recommend checking out our blog post, Home Siding FAQs!


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