Keep Your Eyes Peeled for These 5 Deck Trends in 2021

Spring is here! April showers are greening up lawns and perennials are popping up in gardens all across the Twin Cities. 

This can only mean one thing. Summer and deck season are just around the corner! 

In no time, you’ll be dining al fresco with loved ones over grilled goodness, summer salads and refreshing cocktails. Because who doesn’t want to spend more time outside in the summer? Here’s a sneak peek at some deck trends that may catch your attention this coming season: 

Expect to see more elaborate and integrated decks 

Traditionally, decks are constructed with 6×6 or 8×8 posts and treated lumber or basic composite decking. Now, instead of looking like an afterthought, building materials integrate seamlessly with the style of the home. You’ll see more and more masonry columns, porcelain tiles, stainless steel and glass with a built-in, luxury appearance. 

Expect to see decks that look and feel like an extension of the indoor living space 

In the same way that building materials look like an extension of the home, so do the furnishings. You’ll see more weather-proof televisions, plush furniture, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces and high-end lighting. The demand is also increasing for deck ceilings and ceiling fans. Ceilings make a great sun and rain barrier and help simulate the warm and inviting ambiance of an indoor living space. 

Expect to see more intricate decking details 

Some of these details include: 

  • Deck borders, or picture frames 
  • Breaker boards 
  • Unique inlays 
  • Wide-plank boards 
  • Materials in multiple colors 

These creative design elements allow homeowners to express their unique styles and personalities while making their decks more of a featured space instead of simply a practical space. 

Expect to see more decks with water features 

Hot tubs are no longer reserved for patios. In an effort to carve out a backyard oasis, hot tubs are an increasingly popular deck amenity. Homeowners are also installing swim spas for ambiance, exercise and relaxation—a smaller, more manageable alternative to the in-ground pool. Plus, when hot tubs and swim

spas are incorporated among other deck amenities, they offer guests another leisure activity that still promotes a conversational atmosphere. 

Expect to see more decks with fire features 

Similar to hot tubs, fire pits and fire tables are no longer just for patios. Homeowners are installing fireproofing material to separate them from the deck’s surface. Stone, metal and screen mesh are three popular choices. Deck fire pits make a great gathering place to roast marshmallows and swap stories on a warm summer night. 

Do you have design ideas for your deck this summer? Hoyt Exteriors would love to help you plan your dream deck! Call us at 651.212.4965 or contact us here to get started!

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