There’s nothing like adding the perfect deck to your yard. The trouble lies in finding the right style that perfectly compliments the exterior of your home. Not all houses are alike, you see, and there isn’t a one-size-fits all deck to rule them all.

Over the years, many styles have come into the industry while others deservedly went the way of the dinosaurs. There are also decking styles that have quickly risen in popularity while other are old favorites that never go out of style.

It can be overwhelming, following all these new and old trends, finding the ones you like, and making a decking decision. That’s why the deck builders at Hoyt have come together to create a nifty little guide that can help you to decide which decking style best suits your home.

Allow us to put on our monocles and become deck connoisseurs as we take you through our deck building guide.

Choose Your Level

No, were not talking about beginner, intermediate or expert. We’re talking about how high you want your deck to be off the ground, as there are a variety of choices in this simple category.

Platform Decks

Platform decks are single level decks that are low to the ground. They are simple, yet elegant, additions to your yard and offer you a nice lift off of the ground.

Raised Decks

If you prefer to look out over your yard like a king on high then a raised deck is for you. These second story decks are great additions because they allow you to have a deck space without taking up room in your yard. They also provide a bit of shade if you choose to have a seating area underneath them.

Multi-level Decks

For the person who likes a bit of variety in their altitude. Multi-level decks are unique in that they have multiple levels of lift off the yard. They are spacious and offer a great variety of options for use.

On to Style

Now that you know how high you want your deck to be off the ground, you can move on to style.

Contemporary Decks

These simple deck designs are sleek and modern and consist of simple shapes that offer a clean and basic appearance. They are usually made of low-cost materials and are great for deck building on a budget.

Traditional Decks

Generally made from wood, traditional decks are great additions that add a cottage-style look to your home. With wooden posts, rails and moldings, this deck build will never go out of style.

Colonial Decks

For the old style houses (or the colonial enthusiasts), these decks are a blast from the the past that are still in heavy use today. Boasting elements of victorian architecture, these elegant decks will give your house a bit of old school charm.

And Now For Something New

Some trends are more recent and have been picking up steam in the industry.

Freestanding Decks

How about having an amazing place to sit right in the middle of your yard? Freestanding decks are uniquely styled decks that are set within your garden, rather than attached to your home.

Curved Designs

Curved decks are another way to make your house stand out from the rest. While traditional and contemporary decks have a blocky appearance, curved decks add a wonderful look of movement to your deck that mimics the bends and curves found in nature.

Covered Decks

Rather than forcing you to sit out in the open, covered decks offer great sources of shade, protection from insects and a comfortable place to lounge in inclement weather. Consider this design for when you want to enjoy your deck when mother nature tries to keep you indoors.

And Finally, Accessorize

Other popular trends that are appearing in deck builds are built-in lighting, pools, saunas, hot tubs, fire pits/fireplaces and gardens. You can go crazy with any amount of customization that you like, and our deck builders can help bring your dream to a permanent reality!

What deck styles are your favorite? Comment below to join the conversation!

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