Drones: Taking the Roofing Industry by Storm

Roofing can be a dangerous job. Even for professional, highly skilled roofers, every boots-on-the-roof experience carries with it the risk of falling and serious injury. At Hoyt Exteriors, we always take every precaution to ensure the safety of our roofers. Thanks to the invention of drones and their growing presence in the roofing industry, we have yet one more safeguard at our disposal. While safety is first and foremost, drones also offer numerous additional benefits for us and for our customers.

How are drones impacting the roofing industry at large?


On account of their maneuverability, drones can take images and video footage of roofs that are hard for a boots-on-the-roof contractor to capture. They also increase measurement accuracy and deliver information three times faster than traditional methods, providing a cost-savings for all users.

Drones provide high-resolution detail of every aspect of a roof’s surface and deliver data second-to-none to ensure the best possible roof construction and repair processes.

Ultimately, increased safety, accuracy and more thorough roofing inspections are driving the use of drones industry-wide.

The Hoyt Assurance Program

Recognizing all the many benefits of drones within the roofing industry and in partnership with property management companies throughout the Twin Cities, we recently launched the XAP Hoyt Assurance Program. As a part of this program, property management companies and the owners they represent can have peace of mind 365 days a year that their roof is under close surveillance. With our thorough drone inspections, we help prevent small issues before they become bigger, more costly issues, monitor storms 24/7 and offer emergency response services when storm damage has occurred. Our cloud-stored reporting allows for precise detailing and communication with our team and facilitates project planning and management.

To learn more about the XAP Hoyt Assurance Program, click HERE. To learn more about roofing or any of our other exterior services, visit our website or give us a call at 651.212.4965 or email us at info@hoytexteriors.com.

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