6 Benefits of Commercial Remodeling & Renovation

As a business owner, you may get a sense that it’s time for an office remodel or renovation but you talk yourself out of it because it’s probably too expensive/inconvenient/complicated anyways. At Hoyt Construction, however, we know that choosing to do nothing comes at a great cost and oftentimes, remodeling and renovating are the best ways to propel the success of your business. Let’s take a look at six benefits you stand to gain when you undertake this process.

You attract employees.

When prospective employees tour your facility you make a lasting first impression. Instead of greeting them with a tired, outdated workspace that communicates a lack of ambition, seize the opportunity to great them with fresh interior finishes that make them want to work for your progressive company!

You communicate your dedication to your clients.

Send the same message to your clients as you do to your employees – you care about the details and their experience with your brand. This increases client confidence in your company’s ability to deliver an exceptional product through exceptional customer service.

You express office culture and values.

More than ever, employees value a collaborative workplace environment. Show current and prospective employees that you value what they value by creating designated spaces for interaction and collaboration. This will increase camaraderie and morale among your employees and they will echo your initiative with increased engagement and productivity to the benefit of your bottom line. A true win-win!

You increase efficiency.

The needs of your company change over time. Do you find that you need more storage space than you did five years ago? Are your employees working in tight quarters and could use more elbow room? Maximize the potential of your big renovation by adjusting your layout and accessibility to office equipment while optimizing your square footage to better suit your company’s current needs.

You conserve energy.

There are constantly new eco-friendly and energy-saving options on the market. A renovation is a great time to upgrade your heating/cooling systems to more energy-efficient models, improve insulation, replace old windows, swap out inefficient lighting for energy-saving lighting and replace old interior finishes with sustainable products. Not only do eco-updates pay for themselves in the long run but they communicate to your clients that you value green initiatives and can serve as a powerful platform from which to operate your business.

You have an excellent advertising opportunity.

Remodeling and renovating are great ways to signal to your customers that your business is thriving. It’s also gives you a leg up on your competitors and is great way to attract new business.

If you’re excited about reaping the benefits of a commercial remodel or renovation this winter, we would love to hear from you! Give us a call at 651.212.4965 or you can email us at info@hoytexteriors.com.

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