Is it Time to Re-Roof your Multifamily Complex?

A new roof is always an investment and an excellent way to protect the integrity of your units. However, just like everything else, a new roof comes at a cost and as a savvy townhome manager, you want to be sure you time this financial decision wisely. Here are five indicators that it’s probably time to put a new roof on your multifamily complex:

Your flashing is damaged 

Flashing is used to direct water away from critical areas of your roof. When flashing is damaged, water intrusion is likely. If you inspect your roof frequently, you can repair damaged flashing as soon as it becomes noticeable. However, if the flashing has been damaged for a long time, you likely have water under the shingles and inside the envelope of your buildings. Water intrusion easily results in rotten shingles and roof decking and often warrants a roof replacement. 

Your shingles are damaged or missing

From curling and buckling to rotting and blistering, shingle damage can take many forms. Are you finding shingle granules in your gutters? Are your shingles torn or cracked? Anytime shingles are compromised, water intrusion is possible. If your building has missing shingles or the damage is extensive, a new roof may be in order. 

Your roof is home to algae or moss 

When moisture sits against shingles for a long time, algae and moss can grow. These signs of persistent moisture most likely mean rotten decking and water intrusion. At this point, replacing individual shingles is futile and a roof replacement is your best option. 

You consistently deal with ice dams

If, year after year, ice dams form along your roofline, this means heat is escaping through the attic due to insufficient insulation. Ice dams affect the structural integrity of your roof in two primary ways: Water can back up behind the dam underneath your shingles and cause rot and water intrusion. It can also damage gutters from the snow and ice load. Persistent ice dams can cause irreparable damage that only a new roof (and gutters!) can remedy. 

Your roof is old

The typical life expectancy of an asphalt shingle roof is 20-30 years. If your roof is more than 20 years old and is exhibiting any of the issues above, it’s probably more economical to replace it than make repairs as they surface. An old roof can nickel and dime you while causing increasing damage to the interior of your complex. 

A solid roof is peace of mind for any townhome complex manager. If you’re interested in a roof inspection or would like more information about re-roofing your complex, reach out to our team here! We’d be happy to answer any questions you have and help restore the integrity of your building’s first line of defense.  

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