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Hoyt Exteriors is a family run company with family values. For two generations, we have been providing services to Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding suburbs. Our team specializes in roofing, siding, decks, windows and so much more!


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Family run company
with family values
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2 months ago

Hoyt Exteriors, inc

To the Customers, Management Companies & Homeowners we serve,

As you know, Minnesota’s Shelter in Place Order was recently ordered by Gov. Tim Walz (Executive Order 20-20) to help slow the spread of COVID-19. It will take effect on March 27, and will run through April 10. Governor Walz and Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan are committed to protecting the health, safety, and well-being of Minnesotans during the pandemic. They have taken decisive action to curb the spread, to support our health care providers and facilities, and mitigate the impact on Minnesota families. We want to do our part as a company- to do our best to keep our associates, customers, and vendors safe, while at the same time maintaining the high level of service that our customers rely on us for. We are working hard to navigate the challenges brought to us by COVID-19 & now by this order as well.

In general, construction businesses are classified within the “Exemption – Critical Sector” category.” Specifically, construction and critical trades and “other related construction of all kind” are exempt, so can remain in operation during these next 2 weeks. The Executive Order states that workers and personnel of construction businesses may go to work if they “are performing work that cannot be done from their home or residence through telework or virtual work, and can be done only at a place of work outside of their home or residence.”

Taking that into consideration, along with the challenge & safety risks this pandemic has placed on our community, we believe it is in our associates and customers best interests that we remain "open", with a modified scope of work thru April 10th- with the following, temporary changes to how we do business:

Construction projects that are "in process" will be completed, while practicing social distancing & enhanced health & safety protocols. New Construction projects will be scheduled to begin after the order has expired.

Calls for estimates will still be taken, our sales team may meet on site to view exterior projects while practicing social distance protocols, but for other "meetings", we request video communications.

Service requests will still be received, but our coordinators & managers will do there best to work with customers to prioritize the requests that come in. Critical & more urgent requests will be dispatched to our technicians, & they will attend to the repairs (exterior only), while practicing social distancing & enhanced health & safety protocols. Less critical/urgent requests will be scheduled for after the order has expired.

Thank you so much for your understanding and for your effort in working with us through this difficult time. Together, we'll get through this.

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3 months ago

Hoyt Exteriors, inc

Happy Friday from our team! A fun pic of a few of our guys heading out after a day of work at one of our most recent projects- a gorgeous lake home in southern Minnesota. Have a warm & sunny weekend from all of us @ Hoyt Exteriors! Photo credits: the very talented Kelly Hoyt ...

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